Oct 10

5 Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

Fall isn’t just the season of pumpkin spice lattés and cozy knit sweaters. It’s also the perfect time to tie the knot! More and more couples are opting for a fall wedding, and it’s no secret why. From the season’s gorgeous natural backdrops to its delicious produce, there are countless reasons to say “I do” in the fall. Read on for our top five!

Fall wedding invitations

5 Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

Mild Weather

The temperature during autumn is perfect—not too hot or too cold! Moreover, the weather is usually mild, with clear blue skies. These factors make it the perfect time to host an outdoor wedding ceremony without worry of rain or extreme heat. Just imagine exchanging vows underneath the colorful, falling leaves—it’s every bride’s dream! Not to mention, the vibrant foliage will make a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Reasons for a fall wedding

Seasonal Food and Drinks

Fall ushers in the season of warm, comforting food and drinks and bountiful harvests of fresh produce. Incorporating seasonal produce like apples, figs, pumpkins, and cranberries into your wedding menu will ensure a fresh and delicious meal. In addition, consider setting up a hot cocoa and cider station or s’mores bar to keep your guests warm and cozy!

Seasonal Decorations

Fall inspires endless possibilities for seasonal decorations! Consider incorporating natural elements such as leaves, pumpkins, and branches into your centerpieces and décor. You can also adopt fall’s natural color palette of orange, gold, and red to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Throw in candles, twinkling lights, and blankets to create a cozy oasis!

White and terracotta wedding table décor


Fall weddings can be more affordable than spring or summer weddings, depending on the climate where you live. Venues and vendors usually charge less during the season since it’s considered “off-peak.” The money you save booking your venue could free up some of your budget for other necessities like invitations, décor, and photography, or fun extras like midnight snacks or a photobooth!

Fall Wedding Fashion

One of the best things about booking a fall wedding is choosing a dress that reflects the season’s romantic vibe and slightly chillier temperatures. A long-sleeved dress, mermaid gown, or lace appliqué top-and-skirt set are all great choices. In addition, fall affords you a bit more flexibility when choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses. Rather than being limited to sleeveless dresses, you might consider long-sleeved gowns or comfortable wrap-style dresses.

Reasons for a fall wedding

Fall weddings are popular for a good reason! The season provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and memorable wedding day. The milder weather, seasonal food and décor possibilities, and affordability make this season a top choice for couples looking to tie the knot. Are you sold on hosting a fall wedding? Don’t miss our tips for choosing a seasonally inspired color palette!


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