Feb 8

5 Unique Touches to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

One of my most frequently asked questions from my clients is, “How can we make our invitations reflect us?” I love getting this question because I believe that the best invitations are the most personalized! There are many ways to incorporate personal touches into your paper goods, while still retaining a simple and elegant look. Below are a few of my favorite ways to personalize wedding invitations.

Wedding Crest

A custom monogram or crest reflects who you and your partner are as a couple in the most beautiful way. More than a decorative element to your invitation suite, they tell the story of who you are and what you love. Ultimately, they become an heirloom piece that couples use long after their wedding day.


Wedding crest to personalize wedding invitations


Venue Illustration

Maybe you’ve spent months searching high and low for the perfect venue. Or, maybe you’ve always dreamed of being married in the same church as your parents. Your wedding venue is a significant aspect of your big day, so why not memorialize it with a one-of-a-kind venue illustration? Whether it’s done in watercolor or pen and ink, this is a unique and classic option.


Turnage and Watts - Wedding Invitations + Design


Envelope Liners

The space inside an envelope is the perfect, often under-utilized real estate to personalize wedding invitations. Adorning this space with a pattern, venue illustration, map, or even just a solid color elevates your invitations instantly. One of my brides had always dreamed of getting married on the Chesapeake Bay. So, we designed her wedding crest to feature local waterfowl and florals, and we topped the suite off with a vintage map of the Chesapeake Bay as the envelope liner. She was over the moon!


Turnage and Watts - Wedding Invitations + Design


Wax Seal

There are multiple ways to feature wax seals on your wedding invitations. Varying color, design, and placement afford you the opportunity to craft a truly unique invitation suite. In addition, you may consider incorporating the artwork from your monogram or wedding crest into your wax seal. This creates a cohesive look that ties all of your paper goods together.


Wax seal to personalize wedding invitations


Vellum Overlays

Translucent vellum overlays and wrap-arounds have become extremely popular in recent years. Whether it’s a plain wrap enclosure that holds all of the pieces in your suite together or a printed overlay, vellum can add a layer of dimension to your invitations. What’s more, incorporating a unique pattern from the artwork in your wedding crest further contributes to the overall elegance and cohesiveness of the suite.


How to personalize wedding invitations


Do you love the idea of a wedding crest, venue illustration, or envelope liner, but aren’t sure which is right for you? Schedule a call with me, and we’ll discuss how we can make your invitations uniquely you!


Photography: Social Squares; Juliana Mary and The Styled Stock Shop