Jan 10

7 Things You Should Know Before You Start the Wedding Planning Process

Whether you’re wedding planning solo, with your future spouse, your parents, or with professional help, there’s no doubt that the process can be daunting. As a wedding stationery designer, I’ve seen firsthand how it can overwhelm my couples! Thankfully, years of experience in this industry have taught me that there are just a few things to remember to have a stress-free planning experience.

As you dive into the wedding planning process, bookmark this list and remember to breathe. No matter what happens along the way, you’re getting married to your best friend—that’s what matters most!


Wedding planning tips


What to Remember While Wedding Planning

Trust Your Vendors

Your wedding vendors are seasoned professionals who have helped countless couples create their perfect wedding day. The more you trust their abilities, the more you will enjoy the planning process!

To ensure that you choose vendors you can trust, take your time hiring, and do your research. Pay attention to testimonials from other couples, vendors’ websites, and social media—and never skip a discovery call. That way, you’ll know you’ve chosen the very best! Then, all that’s left to do is sit back and let your vendors do their jobs.

Be Patient

It’s completely understandable to want your wedding day to be perfect. However, this can lead to micromanaging and contacting your vendors at odd hours with another idea or change you’d like to make!

Remember that your venue and vendors are probably working with multiple couples. Trust that they want to make you happy and WILL return your email once they are ready. Kindness, patience, and respect go a long way toward building relationships with your vendors. And good relationships with your vendors ensure a smooth planning process!


What to know before you start wedding planning


It’s Okay Not To Be Aware of Everything

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes of planning a wedding. And often, the couple doesn’t know about half of it! Trust me when I say that this is a GOOD thing. Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and there’s always a chance that something will go wrong along the way.

With that said, don’t try and keep track of every little detail of the planning process—especially if you’ve already tasked your vendors or family members with taking care of certain things. You should focus on enjoying your engagement and wedding day, not just planning it! In the long run, you will be much happier seeing the results of your vendors’ hard work, as opposed to all the bumps in the road.

Your Wedding Day is About You and Your Partner

Remember that the two of you are the ones entering this marriage, and therefore you both need to make the decisions regarding your big day. Don’t allow relatives and friends (however well-meaning) to hijack the planning process and distract you from your gut instincts. Chances are, you already know what you like, so stick with what will make you the happiest! Ultimately, your wedding day is about you and your partner: no one else.


A guide to stress-free wedding planning


Traditions Aren’t Mandatory

If there are certain aspects of a traditional wedding that you aren’t on board with, that’s completely fine! No rule says you need a first dance, a cake-cutting ceremony, or to throw your bouquet. It’s your day, so do what makes you feel comfortable and happy, and don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion!

Not Everything Has a Price Tag

If you’ve already started putting down payments on a venue and vendors, then you know this one hits home. It’s no secret that most weddings aren’t cheap! However, you don’t need to spend lots of money to impress your guests. Most will be just as (if not more) impressed by a beautifully worded ceremony or a meaningful first dance than by ostentatious floral arrangements or a $2,000 dress. And these things cost nothing at all!

Remember: your wedding is about you and your partner coming together to affirm your special bond. The moments that celebrate your love will say it all—don’t forget about them when you’re tempted to go over budget on decor!



Enjoy Yourself

If you remember nothing else, remember this! Take a break when it all gets to be too much. There’s plenty of time to get all the details sorted out, and your mental health matters more. Wedding planning is supposed to be an enjoyable and exciting time in your life! So, don’t lose sight of what’s truly important as you make each decision.

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