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How Many Wedding Invitations Do I Need?

Once you’ve determined your budget and created your guest list, it’s time to figure out just how many wedding invitations you need to order. The one question I get asked most often by couples is: How many wedding invitations should I order? The big thing to know is that the number of invitations you need is NOT the same as the number of guests you’re inviting. You don’t need to send an invitation to each person. So, how many do you actually need?


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1 Invitation Per Household

You should send one invitation to each family residing in the same house. However, if the child is living outside the household, such as a child living in an apartment post-grad, then they should get their own invitation.

1 Invitation Per Single Guest

Single roommates living together should each receive their own invitation.

1 Invitation Per Serious Relationship

One big question for you is deciding what a serious relationship means. Does a couple need to be engaged or married to garner a couple invitation? Do they need to be living together? Figuring this out will help you decide how to send your wedding invitations.



2-3 Invitations for Keepsakes

You’ve worked so hard on your wedding invitations, and they’re the perfect memento of your wedding. You’ll definitely want to keep a few as keepsakes. You can get one beautifully framed or include one in your wedding book.

1-2 for the Photographer

Your wedding photographer will typically put together a shot of all of your details, including your wedding invitation suite. Make sure you set aside one or two, so they have what they need.

5-10 Extra Wedding Invitation Suites

These extras will come in handy if you decide to expand your guest list or an invitation gets lost in the mail. It is super expensive to order an extra five or ten invitations after everything has been printed. So, getting the extras up front can potentially save you a lot of money.

On top of this, you’ll want to order an extra 20% of envelopes. This is in case of any mistakes that might occur during addressing.


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One quick way to figure out an estimated guest count is to divide the total number of guests in half and then add 25. That being said, be sure to let your stationer know if the quantity changes from your initial estimate. Again, it can greatly add to your cost if you need to order extra wedding invitations after everything has been printed.

You can grab this handy all-in-one guide that answers the important questions like how many invitations to order, when to order, and when to mail. Save yourself some time and get great tips sent right to your inbox.

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