Jul 12

5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Wedding Invitation Designer

As a wedding invitation designer, art has always been a part of my life. From studying drawing and painting at the Corcoran Museum of Art to branding luxury corporate events for Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, and TIME magazine, I’ve worn many hats. But, of all my experiences and roles in the art world, I love being a wedding invitation designer the most! Here are five reasons why weddings hold a special place in my heart.


A wedding invitation designer shares why she loves her job


My Couples

Most of my couples are going through the wedding planning process for the first time. They’re unsure of so much and usually more than a little stressed out. As a wedding professional, I have the opportunity to set their minds at ease and help guide them through the process, and I’m happy to do so!

What’s more, being newly engaged is one of the most joyful seasons of anyone’s life. My couples are always so excited to gush about their wedding plans, and I love to listen. It’s an honor to play a small part in their big day. Plus, it’s heartwarming to see their excitement—it makes my day every time!

The Creativity + Vision

It probably goes without saying that as a life-long artist, I love the creative aspect of my job. I take a collaborative approach to the design process with each of my couples, acting as a sounding board for their ideas and sharing my expertise. And, whether it’s a color palette, a unique font, envelope liner artwork, or incorporating a family tradition, I love hearing my couples’ ideas! They are what makes each suite by Turnage and Watts one-of-a-kind.

In addition, it’s part of my job to hone in on what makes a couple’s story unique. I can then put those details to paper to personalize their invitations even more! In the end, each client receives a distinctly “them” invitation suite that provides each of their guests with an unforgettable first impression of their wedding day.



The Connections

I am someone who loves meeting new people. So, of course, I love getting to know my couples! And, since we work together closely, usually over many months, it isn’t long before dear friendships are formed.

One of my favorite moments as a wedding invitation designer is sending off a couple’s printed pieces, then hearing from them just how much they love what we have created! Recently, a groom sent me a photo of his entire suite framed. He explained that it was a surprise for his wonderful bride and that they would always cherish their experience designing their wedding invitations. It was one of the kindest compliments I’ve ever received!

The Other Vendors

I adore working with other wedding vendors. Everyone brings something unique to the table that makes each wedding distinctly beautiful! It always feels like a gift to be able to combine our talents to make a couple’s day exceptional.

In particular, there is a wealth of talent on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I feel incredibly lucky to be a member of this community of creatives dedicated to making each wedding a success. For example, the team at the local flower farm goes the extra mile to provide each of their couples with a guided tour of their facilities and an education in flora. The region is also home to some fantastic photographers who snap stunning photos of couples at waterfront venues. All in all, the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a magical place to get married! You can read more about my favorite area vendors.


A wedding invitation designer shares why she loves her job


A Community of Friends

From my couples to my fellow vendors and wedding invitation designers, this career has brought me the most amazing group of friends. It is a blessing to have so many people in my life who are always there to offer advice, a helping hand, or just to catch up and chat. Each morning, I wake up genuinely looking forward to beginning the day’s work—it doesn’t get much better than that!

If you and your sweetheart are in the market for wedding invitations that reflect your unique love story, you’ve come to the right place! I would love to get to know you. Just fill out this quick form and I will be in touch!