May 25

Heirloom Spotlight: The Miss Mable Suite




Each and every suite that I create are inspired by events or people in my life. One suite that is especially close to my heart is the Miss Mable Suite. Mable Haith was a very special lady. Her wit, infectious laugh, and nurturing spirit brought a sense of joy to my childhood. Though she never learned to read or write, she had a strong belief in the power of a good education. Her encouragement in others to achieve gave you that formidable sense that you could do anything!

Being a young child of divorce (my parents had me at 17), Mable was my rock. She comforted me as my brother and I were shuffled back and forth between households. She taught me a lot about life. We would talk about everything while I helped her cook. (Her brown sugar pie was to die for!) She had the most heart-warming smile. A calm would settle over me as I sat with her watching her “stories” as she called them. As the World Turned was her very favorite tv show.

It wasn’t until I was older, during a conversation with my father, that I learned Mable was never taught to read or write. I was floored! It was then that I began to understand the differences in our life and educational opportunities. Mable lost her mother at a very young age. She was one of five siblings in a household where resources were scarce. Therefore, she was required to go to work. In all the time I had spent with her, I was unaware that she had very little education. This seemed odd to me as she was one of the smartest people I’d ever known. She was great at determining what motivated people. I just never knew!


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The Inspiration Behind The Design

We’d play in my grandmother’s garden full of gorgeous roses, azalea bushes, hydrangeas, and a gigantic magnolia tree. We would sit at the base of the tree and talk and talk. To this day, my favorite perfume is Jo Malone, magnolia, and jasmine. When designing this suite, with those moments still so vivid in my memory, I chose the magnolia to represent Mable’s enduring strength, beauty, and gentleness. The hummingbirds represent my brother and me whom she nurtured with her warmth, intelligence, and unwavering support.


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The Mable Miles Haith Endowed Scholarship

To honor Mable, my father and aunt established The Mable Miles Haith Endowed Scholarship to expand access to higher learning for talented African American students in NC. I hope to help carry on Mable’s legacy with this suite.

A decision to buy helps a child achieve their dream of a college education at Elon University. 10% of the purchase of the Miss Mable Suite will be donated to the Mable Miles Haith Endowed Scholarship at Elon University which helps provide financial aid to African American students from North Carolina who wish to attend Elon University.


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The Miss Mable Suite 

I believe the qualities Mable possessed are the ones you want in your partner in marriage. This was the very first suite I designed and my favorite!

Like my other semi-custom suites, you can select from a 2 piece, 4 piece or 5 piece suite. Our collection suites include an option to add additional cards to suit your needs. These additional cards include Details Cards, Reception Cards, and Website Cards.


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The Save The Date is also available, so you can tie in the design throughout your wedding. The dark sage green and marigold are the perfect colors for any season, and can easily be used in both the winter and summer. The touches of blue in the hummingbird let you easily add a pop of blue. You can select from a variety of envelope colors, from a simple white to a champagne cream metallic! All of our semi-custom suites give you the option to select envelope colors and liners, as well as guest address printing.

To start your ordering process, or create a custom invitation suite, please reach out to us today! I would love to work together to create the perfect wedding suite.


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