May 11

Wedding Invitation Checklist


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As you start to plan out what you will need for your wedding invitations, it’s important to take some time to figure out exactly what pieces you need. There are so many options, from traditional suites that include multiple envelopes, to more modern suites that have fewer items per invitation. Your invitation suite is so much more than just one piece of paper as the invitation! You also need RSVP cards, reception cards, and sometimes even detail cards and maps. Below is a guide for precisely what each item is used for and help you decide which elements to include in your suite.

Save The Dates

This is the first piece you will send out, about 6 to 8 months before your wedding. The Save the Date lets your guests know the date and location of your upcoming wedding, so they can mark it on their calendar. Some people also as a website card, so guests can know what your wedding website is. This can be included on the Save The Date, or as a separate card inside the envelope. Including a website may lessen the need to include multiple cards in your suites, such as the details card or rsvp card.

The Invitation

The centerpiece of your wedding stationery, the invitation will be a single piece that announces the wedding, as well as the wedding time and venue, or venues. This is also the first glimpse your guests will have to your wedding decor, so make sure to tie that in as well! We offer semi-custom and fully custom wedding invitations so you can create the suite of your dreams.


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The Envelopes

For your envelopes, there are two different design elements. First is the outer envelope. This will have the guest’s name, address, and stamp on it. For traditional weddings, you may want an inner envelope that has the guest’s title and last name on it. The inner envelope is not sealed and is easy to open. This is often included for black-tie weddings. If you are having a modern or more relaxed wedding, just keep it to one envelope, that has the guest name, address, and stamps.

The Response Card

The response card is needed for you to know if your guest will be attending your big day and allows you to capture any other information needed,  such as the meal selection. Make sure to ask your caterer how they would like guests to select their meal. The envelope can be optional if you prefer your guests to RSVP on your website rather than mailing in a response. If you do have an envelope, don’t forget to include a stamp on the RSVP envelope!





The Reception and Events Card

If your wedding reception is at a different location than the wedding, make sure to include a reception card. If your wedding will have a cocktail reception or span an entire weekend which will include multiple events such as cocktail reception, rehearsal dinner, an after-party, a day-after brunch, etc., it’s a good idea to include a full itinerary for guests so they know what to expect and pack for.


If you do not have a wedding website, make sure to also include an accommodations card. This card gives your guests the important information for your day like the wedding website, reception details, directions, parking instructions, hotel accommodations, and more! You can also have a map included, with the locations marked so people can see where everything is happening.


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Get The Complete Wedding Invitation Guide

I know how overwhelming wedding invitations can be, so I have made a free guide for you! This Guide To Wedding Invitations will cover everything you need to know as you start to plan your invitation suite. From when to order, to how many invitations you need, to a complete timeline, it is all inside! I also have a list of FAQs that cover even more questions on ordering your invitations from Turnage + Watts. I am here to guide you along the process, every step of the way!


Your Wedding Invitation Checklist - What To Include In Your Wedding Invitation Suite