Jun 22

Our Love Story

One of my favorite offerings here at Turnage and Watts is our custom love letters that you can give you to your loved one. It’s such a good way to show your partner you love them. After all, it only takes a small gesture to make someone feel special! My own relationship with my husband is marked by love letters. Every day my husband sends me a text containing random letters. My mission is to figure out what those letters represent. These are my husband’s way to expressing his love and how much he values me and our relationship.


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Our Love Story

My husband is such an incredible man and how we met is quite the story! We actually went to our high school prom together. But afterward, he went into the army, and I went on to college.

Love letters have always been a part of our relationship. He sent me many letters while stationed in Italy, and I cherished every one. Long-distance dating was difficult then, and a missed phone call changed our journey together. We both went on to marry other people.

Fast forward many years later, I was the stereotypical cat lady, newly divorced with five cats. One day a message from him popped up on my phone. It said, “Bet you don’t remember me, but we went to prom together. How’d you like to go to dinner and catch up?” Even though it had been so many years, hearing his voice still made me melt!

We got married thirty-six years after our first date. I still fall for him a little more each day!


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Custom Love Letters

Don’t you feel the same way? It’s amazing how our partner can make us feel so loved and so beautiful with simple gestures. My husband makes me feel beautiful even when I’m sick, and just holding his hand makes me melt. Love letters can be amazing way to show our appreciation for our partner.


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With printed and digital download options, our custom love letters are a great option when it comes to making your partner feel special. We also have a variety of options available, so you can choose the design you love best. Be sure to check them out!

So, what’s your love story? I’d love to know!


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