Aug 3

The Story Behind Our Name

Sometimes I like to get more personal, so you can get to know me. Today, I would like to talk about the story behind our name, Turnage and Watts. Our name was inspired by my grandmothers, their loving relationships with my grandfathers, and their love of gardening.

The Women Behind Our Name

Turnage and Watts is named after my grandmothers, Pattie Mae Turnage and Sue Ella Watts. They were two quintessential Southern women who knew how to host a gathering of their friends. They were part of the small-town community of Elon, North Carolina. They had such fun with their friends, and there was never a dull moment.

From Bridge parties to Rotary Club, the gatherings were always hilarious. They even had “Come as you are” parties. The call would go out to everyone, and you had to arrive in whatever you were wearing, even if you were in your pajamas with rollers in your hair!

Both of my grandmothers loved gardening. Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Roses, Peonies. They loved it! Both had large flower and vegetable gardens. In the summer, our Sunday night family dinners were outside in the backyard. It always smelled so wonderful!


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Pattie Mae

The Pattie Mae Suite is designed with pink azaleas and lilies. Her favorite colors (pink and red) and favorite flowers. She always wore bright red lipstick, which contrasted with her beautiful alabaster skin. The woman had white hair at forty, but her skin barely wrinkled as she aged. She was spontaneous, full of life, and incredibly loving.


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Sue Ella

Sue Ella was primmer and more proper. She never had a hair out of place and was always immaculately dressed, even when gardening. We always ate out of the family china. She drank tea, not coffee. The Sue Ella Suite is designed with a more formal look of calligraphy and styled with accents of an old English wedding.



They were both such wonderful woman and a true inspiration to me. I loved being able to tell you about the women behind our name.

When I design, I listen and pay attention to what excites my bride. My goal is to create wedding stationery that reflects my clients’ aesthetic and their most cherished family traditions, sprinkled with a little bit of my unique spin. I want to curate their very own unique family heirloom that they are over the moon about. I would be honored to help you create silver frame-worthy invitations that are classically beautiful. Just reach out to me, so we can start that stress-free process!


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