Jul 20

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Summer Wedding Color Theme

When planning your wedding, one of the first decisions you will make is your wedding color palette and theme! Your wedding color theme is an extension of your personal style, and it creates a cohesive look for your wedding. Your color theme will define each detail from the invitations to the flowers to the wedding party attire. Once this decision is made, everything is a lot easier. But picking a wedding color theme can be overwhelming because you have so many choices. Luckily, there are a few ways to figure it out.



Picking Your Summer Wedding Color Theme

As you select your palette, keep in mind where the colors will be used. The main color will be used in the wedding party attire, envelopes, and flowers. A secondary color might be used as an accent in the décor, like the linens and the napkins, and envelope liner. An extra pop of color could be added in the flowers, jewelry, or rentals.

Personal Style

Your wedding should reflect you both. First, determine your general aesthetic. Do you have a theme in mind? Bohemian, Granny Chic, and Nautical are all wonderful themes that also have a built-in color palette. A bohemian wedding might have warmer colors with lots of green and sage. A granny chic wedding will be inspired by soft pastels with a pop of yellow or pink. Meanwhile, a nautical theme will tie in blues, blushes, and navy.


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Seasonal Blooms

Some colors might lend themselves to certain times of the year. Selecting your color palette from seasonal flowers is a great option. Trending flowers for 2021 are pink and white peonies, light blue delphinium, and white anemones, hydrangeas, and ferns. Summer is great for bright flowers like sunflowers, crush ranunculus, gerbera daisy, and poppies. Meanwhile, winter is a season during which you can do deep jewel tones or keep it winter inspired with an all-white palette.

Gather Inspiration

Magazines, Pinterest, and real weddings are all excellent resources for inspiration. Search by season, color, or style. Which colors speak to your story? To organize your ideas, start a wedding board in Pinterest or save magazine clippings in a binder. As you start to save, look at the colors you pick consistently. That will start to show you your main wedding color theme!


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Search your venue for inspiration. Which colors are prominent at your venue? Locations such as barns and tented receptions give you greater latitude when choosing your wedding colors. They are often neutral settings, so you can easily add in any colors to the design.

However, other types of venues that come decorated, like hotels and country clubs, will probably have colors already in the space. Work with the colors in that space rather than against it. If the room has rich reds, consider a color palette with jewel tones to add some depth and tone down the red.



If your venue is on the coast or has scenic views, pull inspiration from nature! For example, a wedding on the coast of Maryland could incorporate soft blues, deep navy, and even a pop of yellow for some contrast into its wedding color theme. A tropical beach wedding might include deep greens with pops of hot pink, teal, or yellow.

Don’t Overthink Things!

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. You have endless options to choose from. Start by simply gathering a few ideas and then put them aside for a bit. Come back to your work and edit. A fresh eye always helps! Be sure to use your color scheme as a guideline.


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Your wedding color theme is so important. Having a consistent color palette can help you make big decisions and make your wedding planning much easier. One of those the most important things influenced by your color theme is your stationery. Here at Turnage and Watts, we work with your color palette to create the wedding stationery of your dreams. We’d love to hear from you and learn all about your theme!