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Top 5 Fall Wedding Color Themes


Outdoor wedding in a garden with green trees with white chairs.


With so many decisions to make for your upcoming wedding, it’s no wonder you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Where should I start? Well, can I give you a little bit of advice? Start with the color palette. Picking your wedding color theme is an important step in the planning process. It affects most of your other decisions.

Your wedding color theme is an extension of your personal style. A well thought out color palette can make all the difference when creating a cohesive look for your wedding. Your color theme will define the tone of your wedding and touch each a every detail from the invitations to the flowers to wedding party attire. Once this decision has been made, everything will fall into place.


Young engaged couple with yellow fall flowers in front of a yellow balloon.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

1. Seasonal Blooms: Some colors naturally lend themselves to certain times of the year. Selecting your color palette from seasonal flowers is a great option. Bold, deep colors are typical for a fall celebration. Think burgundy, yellow, orange, navy blue, and hunter green. In-season flowers include chrysanthemums, asters, roses, dahlias, and anemones and all are a great choice. Add in grasses, berries, thistle, or leaves as a special touch!

2. Venue: If you don’t have a color scheme in mind yet, search your venue. What colors abound at your reception space and its surroundings? The atmosphere of your venue can influence your color palette. Barns and tented receptions will allow you more flexibility when choosing your wedding colors. For other types of locations that have a set decor, such as hotels and country clubs, consider the colors that are currently in the space.

3. Personal Style: Nail down your general aesthetic. Be sure to pick colors you love that work well together. This wedding should be a reflection of you both. Do you have a theme in mind? Bohemian, Gadsby, Nautical, Granny-Chic, are all wonderfully inspired themes. Consider universally-flattering colors for you, your groom, and the wedding party. You want everyone to look their best in your wedding photos, right?!

4. Gather Inspiration: For inspiration try looking in magazines, on Pinterest, and or real weddings you may have attended recently. Explore the different seasons, colors, or styles (Classic, Modern, Vintage). What are you attracted to? What colors promote the ambiance you are trying to create? To keep things organized, try starting a wedding board on Pinterest or save magazine clippings.

5. Don’t Overthink things: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the endless options you have to choose from. Start by gathering ideas and adding them to your Pinterest board. Then set them aside and come back to them later to revise your decisions. A little time away and a fresh eye tends to help when making big decisions. Make sure to use your color theme as a guideline.


Pink wedding bouquet


Top 5 Fall Wedding Color Schemes

If you’ve chosen a fall wedding date, you’ll have endless possibilities of fresh seasonal blooms to mix and match hues. Get inspired with our top 5 classic wedding color themes. Fall is the season for so many beautiful color combinations! Pick the one that fits your personality and style.



Young bride holding flowers in field. Tan and blue letterpress wedding invitation color theme.





Young elegant bride holding flowers. Blue letterpress wedding stationery color theme.





Happy couple embracing. Green and plum letterpress wedding stationery color theme.





Young bride embracing groom with pink flowers. Pink and green wedding stationery color theme.





Bride and groom embracing. Gold and blue letterpress wedding stationery color theme.




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